Bass Recording Project


In this project I had to make my own bass line, this was kind of fun because I made mine so weird but cool at the same time. I kind of like it but it is really awkward. I just threw down some notes and I went off of that. It was quite simple and all I did was throw down notes so that saved time. I didn’t go for a specific sound. My bass line is awkward because it has sharps and flats which makes it sound weird. I really like it though!


My Bass line

My Bass line

Screenshot of my Bass Line

Bass Terms

Tonality: Makes western music sound different. Uses chords mostly.

Bass Notes

Bass is the youngest type of music.  Organs can go super low.  The Bass line can go down or up and the tune can go the opposite way.  This sounds very good to the ear.  You can steal songs from hundreds of years ago because there was no copyright law back then.

Sometimes two bass solos come together.  The synthesizer is the only keyboard that can get super low notes, these notes were found on the bass guitar.  That is pretty low.

What I learned and problems I solved

In this project I had to make a bass line that had a good sound to it. Mine sounds kind of awkward and really creepy. The Bass goes very high at some points and super low at others. I was going for an ominous sound.

During this class I have learned about myself and how I like to make ominous and mysterious melodies, harmonies, Rhythms, etc. I never knew this and I am kind of glad I found this out. I kind of am, not a lot though because it is still creepy.

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