How Music Works; Rhythm


In this project I had to make a rhythm which gave a hook to the listener. Basically a Riff that had a bass. I decided to add the base and make it an electric guitar. I think that the bass line really carries along the melody and keeps it going.

Without it, well it didn’t sound to good. It was very weird and awkward. When I added the bass it really brought the ominous part of the melody out and gave life to it.

My Beat

My Rhythm Riff

This is a screenshot of my beat or Rhythm Riff that I created.  The Rhythm Riff is above the screenshot.  The screenshot shows what notes I used.  The very bottom line or bass line is an electric guitar and the treble clef or the top notes are a piano.

Terms and Concepts


The beat or PULSE in a piece of music is the regular rhythmic pattern. Like the beating of your heart; heartbeat.


The SPEED at which a piece of music is to be played.


The STRESS given to a musical note.


The period of TIME during which a musical note is HELD OUT.


A specific rhythm determined by the NUMBER of beats AND the TIME VALUE assigned to each note.


The musical rhythms in a piece of music that accents a normally WEAK BEAT (off-beat/up-beat).

Cross Rhythm

A rhythm used simultaneously with another rhythm or rhythms. The use of two or more rhythms simultaneously.


When the meter of a piece of music consists of TWO BEATS per measure/bar.


When the meter of a piece of music consists of THREE BEATS per measure/bar.


When the meter of a piece of music consists of FOUR BEATS per measure/bar.


A gradual increase of tempo in a section of music.


A gradual decrease of tempo in a section of music.


A flexible tempo in a section of music.

What I learned and Problems I solved

One problem I had was the bass line/electric guitar.  I had to find out which note went with the flat and equaled it out but at the same time make the piece ominous.  I found that out after trial and error.

That is one thing I love about composing, you have to just try stuff without knowing.  That is what I did and I thought I found a great note combination!  That was a big problem for me but I did find a combination.  I learned on this project that you have to just let the music take you.

What I mean is don’t go for a specific sound.  Puke notes out and try them.  The notes on the treble clef were just put on there by me.  I did nothing with them before and I just threw them on there and saw how it worked out.

They sounded great and I really didn’t mean to put them there. I just threw them on there randomly.  I found that weird and very interesting!


Babies have Rhythm in the womb from the mom’s heart beat. The beat is the foundation of the song. There is a tempo in your brain and you can not help help it. Cross Rhythm was and is very famous. There is always a tempo in your brain and if you hear something off then you will notice it. Everyone has it and everyone wants the beat to be correct or it could possibly annoy them.


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