Creativity Ted Talk

Creativity is almost like another being or person. You’re not creative. Creative is you. Creativity is something you must be worthy of. If you do your part then creativity will come.

If you practice every night and get good at an instrument or writing or anything that takes skill you will be worthy. You’re worthy in the sense of creativity will hit you and if you are good at that skill then you will be able to use that creativity and go far with it.

Just because you fail does not mean you should quit or just give up. If you fail you learn from that, you cant give up. If you stop then you will never know what could have happened if you did not give up.

For me I have not always loved science but as long as I can remember I loved science. Science is the best thing and there will never be too much of science. I know that I want to work in the field of science.

I don’t know if that is astronomy, chemical engineering, biology? I honestly don’t know but I do know that I want to find stuff out that no one could have ever imagined existed. I want to work in the field of science. I love science more then I love me. Kind of sad but it is the truth. That is how much I love science and how much I love to find stuff out about it.

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