Sound Wave Project

Summary of what I did on this project

For the Sound Wave Project I had to study a term and make a slideshow about it. My term was Longitudinal Waves. If you want to learn what this means click on the presentation. For the presentation I had to make, it had to include information about this term.

I used a video that gave me all of the information I needed for this term. This term was difficult and had multiple elements making it up which was difficult because in a way I had three terms. I powered through it and I thought the finished product was great and when I presented in class people loved it. I am very proud of it and I hope you enjoy watching it.


Time Line

I started the project by watching the video below the presentation. I watched that a couple times to get a grasp of what longitudinal waves are and once I got a grasp I started making the presentation. I started putting information on the slides and pictures as well.

The biggest part that was the most time consuming was the presentation with the information. Getting the information into my own words was difficult and took the most time. I managed my time well and got it done and I thought I did a great job!

Presentation1 from Jake Olson

A video that really helped me!


What I learned

I learned how to make a quality presentation. I learned that it must be down to the point but at the same time get people interested enough so they will focus their attention on the presentation.

I learned a lot about sound waves from other presentations as well and stuff I didn’t even know existed like Hertz.

I had no idea what that meant and I learned what it meant today which I was pretty stoked about! I learned how some terms take multiple terms or elements to describe it which I found interesting. This project really helped me understand sound which was very cool! Thanks Le Duc!!!!

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